About Us


Metanoya Travel & Events

We are a boutique travel agency specializing in helping you create the best vacation and getaway you’ve ever experienced. Our team will customize unique, luxurious travel packages that will not disappoint. We will help you plan an unforgettable vacation. You share your idea and we’ll help coordinate, plan and manage the rest. Metanoya Travel & Events knows that planning a trip can be time consuming and draining, but with our knowledgeable team, all you’ll need to plan is your wardrobe for your one-of-a-kind getaway. We will help you with your travel budget, guest coordination, event details, and everything in between. Metanoya Travel & Events is committed to transforming your destination experience.

Metanoya (Met · a · noi · ya)

Metanoya is learning, thinking, developing, believing and living outside of the box. It allows you to create new opportunities, new paths, and new beginnings on your journey that will benefit your personal and professional life. It’s about transformation and embracing the change along the way. Metanoya encourages, motivates, supports, inspires, enhances and pushes you to think beyond infinity. Metanoya means that there are no limits… you can do anything… you can do all… there are infinite possibilities!


Metanoya Butterfly

The testimony of the butterfly is that what appeared to be death was really emergence and blossoming into what was created, called, purposed, and destined to become, a flying sight to behold and not a creature confined to low living, sight walking, small planning, and colorless dreams. The Metanoya Butterfly is a symbol of growth, transformation and a beautiful reminder that all things are possible.